How do I get placed on a Council agenda?

The public is welcome to participate at the "Regular" Council meetings, Committee/Commission meetings, under Public Forum. 

Please keep in mind that the Council is not able to take "action" on anything discussed during the Public Forum, but may refer the item to an appropriate department for action or request that your topic be placed on a future agenda. 

When speaking during the Open Forum, the public is requested to limit their speaking time to no more than three minutes. This will provide ample opportunity for others to also address the Council. It is encouraged that if you would like to speak under the Open Forum, that you contact the City Clerk prior to the meeting or attend the meeting early to complete a form that must be submitted to the Mayor or City Administrator prior to the meeting. If you plan to distribute any written items to the Council, you must provide enough copies for the Council, City Administrator and the City Clerk.

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