How do door-to-door or transient sales work?

The City requires that all individuals traveling door-to-door soliciting products or services be licensed/registered by the City. As part of the license application review process, in an effort to protect the public safety and welfare of our community, City Staff conducts a criminal background investigation on each individual. 

Upon City approval, each individual is issued an official certificate which will have the City Administrator's signature and the City seal embossed on it. The individual(s) are to have this certificate on them at all times during their solicitation event. 

If a door-to-door solicitor/transient sales individual(s) comes to your door and does not have a certificate, please contact 911 and state it is a non-emergency and report the individual along with a vehicle if they are driving one.

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1. How do door-to-door or transient sales work?
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