License Centers

Are you aware that you can purchase tabs for your car or truck online?  You can also purchase may different types of licenses or renew them:

  • Minnesota Fishing, Hunting and Trap Licenses
  • Stamps
  • Hunting Lottery Application
  • Lifetime License Renewal
  • Wild Rice Harvest Permit
  • Ski Passes
  • Horse Passes
  • Duplicate Safety Training Certificates 

You can also renew a registration:

  • ATV, ORV, OHM, Snowmobile and Boat

Self-Certify Safety Training Classes

  • Firearm Safety*
  • Snowmobile Safety*
  • ATV Safety*

*Must be completed on a desktop/laptop computer.

You will need to charge your purchase and pay a convenience fee along with the license/renewal fee. You will receive your license or sticker immediately or via U.S. Postal Service dependent on issuance form (paper or sticker).

Visit the DNR website and click on the icon "Get Started".


Please contact a local License Center to ensure that they can provide you with the services that you are looking for prior to arrival and their hours.