Election Information

The Clerk's office is responsible for City, State and Federal elections. Information regarding your legislative, congressional and school districts can be found at the Secretary of States Office.

Register to Vote

Please register to vote prior to the General Election if you have moved into Centerville, changed your name, or got married or divorced. This will make election day more convenient for you and our judges.

Watch a YouTube Video Regarding Elections

YouTube Produced Video by the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State - Minnesota Elections:  Accessible, Secure, Accurate

Polling Place

Centerville's polling place for the General Elections is the Church of St. Genevieve's Community Parish Center, 6995 Centerville Road, Centerville, MN 55038 and City Hall for absentee voting.

Political Sign Regulations

For more details please obtain independent legal advice. The City cannot give legal advice. 

TopicRegulated ByContact for Complaint
Signs located on CITY or COUNTY streets and/or right of ways, on city boulevards, on boulevard trees or utility poles prohibited without permit.Centerville Ordinance 152 (PDF)Email City of Centerville or call 651-792-7933
Signs located on STATE or FEDERAL street and/or right of ways prohibited without permit.MN Statute 173.15 and MN Statute 160.27173.15 and MN Statute 160.27  - Minnesota Department of Transportation, Metropolitan District Office, 651-234-7500 – ask for “Permits”
Signs located on CORPORATE property (as a political contribution)MN Statute 211B.15MN Office of Administrative Hearings
Signs located on PRIVATE propertyMN Statute 211B.15 and MN Statute 609.605
Content of a signMN Statute 211B
MN Office of Administrative Hearings
Size, placement or height of placement of signs      Centerville Ordinance 152 (PDF)City of Centerville, 651-792-7933
Quantity of signs in a state general election year beginning 46 days before the state primary until 10 days after the general electionMN Statute 211B.045City of Centerville, 651-792-7933
On Election Day: Signs on public property within 100 feet of a building that is a polling placeMN Statute 211B.11 - Note: a Panel of the Office of Administrative Hearing ruled MS 211B.11 applies only to public property, and not to private property.City of Centerville, 651-792-7933
On Election Day: On the public property of a building that is a polling place (park, school, library, public housing)
City of Centerville, 651-792-7933
Signs up past 10 days of an election including the candidate’s nameMN Statute 211B.045