Message from the Mayor

Mayor LoveThe French connection in Centerville, Minnesota is very apparent with the names of many families, streets and churches in the City.

Centerville was established as a 36-square-mile township in 1857, a year before Minnesota became a state. Now, after 155 years, it continues to flourish. The original area was platted in the spring of 1854, when a sawmill was built in the area.

Centerville has grown a lot since early settlers worked and traded with local Indians. It was an area rich with game, fish and wild rice. Dakota Indians used this area for hunting, fishing and trapping. A number of Indian burial mounds are located here and many artifacts have been found in the area.

The present population of Centerville now stands at a little less than 4,000 residents, all served by a tri-city police department and a tri-city fire department.

Located centrally between the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers, Centerville is almost equally spaced between the cities of Stillwater and Anoka. It is a safe and quiet little city. Situated between the shores of Centerville and Peltier Lakes, it is easy to feel as if you are miles away from a metropolitan area.

Although Centerville is now only 2.5 square miles, it encompasses 1,597 acres, 189 of which are lakes. It is a well-planned and laid-out small community.

The City has many trails going through the neighborhoods and around the lakes with the Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Regional Park situated right next door. Centerville still has some open lots waiting for new homes to be built and a few pockets of farmland which are still being tilled.

Children in Centerville generally attend Centerville Elementary School, which is located in the heart of the City.

The City also has commercial and industrial property available for future building sites.

The City of Centerville welcomes newcomers to visit and see what we are all about.