Republic Services Garbage / Recycling Hauler

The Centerville City Council has determined that one residential garbage hauler best serves the public interest of the City of Centerville. Council believes that by limiting the amount of hauler truck activity throughout the City, it protects the streets from over use and noise complaints. Council also believes that utilizing the services of one hauler and a several year contract, rates are kept at a minimum and competitive. 

For more about these services, visit the Republic Services website.

Customer Service

If you have questions regarding arranging new services (trash and recycling), container sizes, exchanges and seasonal hold requests, please contact City Hall at:  651-429-3232.  All billing for trash and recycling are included with your utility billing.  If you have questions regarding pricing, etc., please contact:  651-792-7934. 

To Schedule Services Outside of City Billing

Please contact Republic Services to schedule large/bulk item pickups, arrange for yard waste services, report a missed pickup or have concerns regarding holiday/weather questions, please contact them at:  952-941-5174.

Items That Can Be Recycled

  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Metal beverage and food cans
  • Plastic bottles, tubs and lids Number 1, Number 2 and Number 5
  • Paper from newspaper, magazines, junk mail, brown paper bags and phone books. Dry non-coated food boxboard, small flat pieces of corrugated cardboard box material.

Items That Can NOT Be Recycled

  • Garbage, food waste, diapers and paper plates
  • Meat or dairy plastic or paper packaging
  • Wax or plastic wrap or bags
  • Freezer food packaging
  • Plastic deli, product or take-out packaging or utensils
  • Plastic bags or wrapping film
  • Formed or pellet Styrofoam packaging
  • Window glass, ceramics, dishware, mirrors or lightbulbs

Plastic Bag Notice

Plastic bags are banned from use for yard waste.

Anoka County residents who bag their yard waste are required, by state law, to put their yard waste out for pick up in compostable bags. Either paper or compostable plastic bags* are acceptable.

For more information, visit the Anoka County website.

Disposal Into Streets

Please do not put any grass clipping or yard waste into the streets. All City streets are swept in the spring clearing them of sand and winter debris. Anything that goes into the street will ultimately end up in the storm sewer causing problems with the drains or the ponds, creeks and lakes they eventually flow into. 

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep our streets and ponds clean!

2024 Garbage/Recycling Calendars

Click here for North of Main Street

Click here for South of Main Street