Building Inspections

The Building Department provides residents, developers and home builders with a variety of services from inspections to site plan reviews.

Access the 2023 Fee Schedule (PDF). Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing permit fees can be found on the applications

Please remember, all buildings are required to have addresses clearly displayed per City Code.

156.110 Building Numbers

  • (A) Numbers required. It shall be the duty of the owner, lessee or occupant of every house, industrial, commercial or other building to have proper house or building numbers either by affixing to the building numbers in metal, glass, plastic or other durable material. The numbers shall not be less than six inches in height, in a contrasting color to the base, and so placed to be easily seen from the street
  • B) Alternative display. In those cases where the principal building is obscured from view from the street of address by accessory buildings, trees, shrubbery or other visual obstruction, the numbers shall be displayed from a permanent mounting on the property so that they are clearly visible from the street of address

Building Permits Required

  • Most replacements (i.e. siding, re-roofs and additions) require permits along with new residential and commercial buildings.
  • New residential and commercial buildings require two sets of plans (professionally completed), site survey and insulation certification to be filed along with an Application for Permit.
  • Accessory Structures (sheds) (in excess of 10' x 12') require two sets of plans, may be hand-drawn, site survey, etc. to be filed along with an Application for Permit. 
    • An accessory structure 10' x 12' or less requires a $65 Zoning Permit and two sets of plans are required. 
    • A copy of the certificate of survey needs to be filed with the Application for Permit indicating the location of the proposed accessory structure on the property. This is to ensure the accessory structure is not placed in any type of easement, but does not verify property lines. For more information, view City Code on Accessory Structures (PDF).

Review & Process

The City of Centerville prides itself on their turn-around time for site plan reviews and this process generally takes two days for review. City Staff will notify you when the permit is ready for pick-up and the amount owed.

You may contact the Building Department at 651-429-4750 if you have additional questions regarding permits.

Submitting Applications

Application for Permits are submitted at City Hall between the hours of 7:30 am and 4 pm. Monday through Friday.

If you are unable to be at City Hall by 4 pm, arrangements may be made to assist you, if desired, please contact 651-429-3232.

Building Permit Application

Please contact  the Building Official at 651-429-4750 for additional submissions that may be needed.

The completed Building Application Form (PDF) can be mailed to:

Centerville City Hall
1880 Main Street
Centerville, MN 55038

Fax: 651-429-8629

The Electrical Inspector is Mr. Pete Tokle who can be reached at 763-754-2983. Calls are taken Monday through Friday from 7 to 8:30 am only. Fees are located on the permit application. 

See a checklist of the 2020 NEC requirements (PDF)

The general guideline for residential electrical fees are as follows

  • A one-time inspection, such as with an air conditioning unit, will be $51
  • A two-time inspection, as with an addition, will be $101
  • A new home will be $201

Each of the these amounts include a State Surcharge of $1. If there are additional inspections required, the Electrical Inspector will issue an order for payment to be paid to City. 

Homeowners can do their own electrical work if they first apply for an electrical permit, except in the case of a new home. A new home requires an electrician to apply for the permit and do the work.

All commercial electrical permits need to be approved through the Electrical Inspector who will also determine the fees.