The Finance Department is responsible for managing all of the city's fiscal affairs. This department supports all department through accounting and financial reporting. The department manages all investments, handles capital project financing, and records. 

The Finance Department is also responsible for all billing and collection of revenues for the city's water, sewer, garbage and recycling services. The department provides for payroll, budgeting, financial reporting and long-range financial planning. 

Financial Reports

Resident Utility Billing Information

The department is also responsible for administering the functions associated with utility billing.

Automatic Withdrawal

If you wish to pay your utility billing by Automated Withdraw (ACH) complete this form.  This will allow funds to be transferred from your checking or savings account, with your approval, for payment of your utilities.  

Payment Service Network is the City's On-Line Payment Provider

If you wish to utilize this option, Payment Service Network (PSN) offers an easy-to-use portal where you can store information, look up account balances, view pending payments, payment history, view bills, contact the City and receive responses, manage recurring payments and more.  You can have the flexibility to pay immediately, schedule a payment or set up recurring payments. Payments accepted are: credit/debit card and checking/saving accounts (Visa, MasterCard & Discover accepted).  If you need assistance setting up an account, making a one-time payment or are experiencing difficulty with their website, please contact them directly, 24/7/365 at:  1-877-885-7968.

Billing Schedule

Centerville's Utility Bills are billed every two months: January and February, March and April, May and June, July and August, September and October and November and December.  Billing is forwarded to residents/property owners approximately on the 5th of the month.  Billing has a one month payment period.

Example:  for the January and February charges, the billing will be forwarded on March 5 and would be due April 5.  If the bill is not paid by the due date, there will be a 3% late fee assessed.

A Utility Bill may have charges for water/sewer/storm drainage/garbage and recycling depending on your property type.  Sample Billing

Special Assessments

Special Assessments are a way for cities to charge certain properties for the cost of making a local improvement or to collect certain charges that will benefit those properties. The authority to levy special assessments is granted under Minnesota Statute, Chapter 429. The City of Centerville uses special assessments to recover a portion of the cost of street and utility construction/reconstruction. Special assessments are also used to collect costs associated with nuisance abatement and delinquent utility/garbage services.  

Click here if you would like a Special Assessment Search.  Please remember that there is a $45 fee and once you submit the form you will be provided with a link to click on to make an on-line payment.  The Assessment Search will be completed within 24 hours of your submittal.

Senior citizens and permanently/totally disabled persons may apply for deferment of assessments by contacting the City Administrator or by downloading the Deferral Form (PDF).