Pond surrounded by reeds and treesTwo beautiful lakes stand out as Centerville's greatest features. Our city of roughly 3,900 people thrive here, not only because we enjoy the lakes, but because we work hard to blend tradition and progress.

Centerville is a quiet little town situated on 1,597 acres. Located between the shores of Peltier Lake and Centerville Lake, it is easy to feel you are miles away from a metropolitan area. The Twin Cities is near by with downtown St. Paul a 20 minute drive away and Minneapolis a 30 minute drive away.

Centerville is a strong community. This is a wonderful place to raise a family, work and retire. We care about one another. You can sense this feeling when you enter a local business or attend a meeting. You can see it when people cooperate to build park equipment, plant flowers at the school, or clean up the town on Earth Day. 

Our low crime rate and excellent emergency services give us an added sense of security. Our community is more than people who live near one another, Centerville is a community of friends and neighbors.

Sunlight on waterCenterville honors its history and heritage. This was the main rest stop between Stillwater and Anoka in the earliest days of the Minnesota territory. Today, we celebrate Centerville's rich French-Canadian heritage at the annual summer celebration called Fete des Lacs, which is French for Festival of Lakes. Residents and visitors gather at festival activities all over town to eat, dance, watch a parade, play softball and watch fireworks.